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Make decisions based on reliable data.

"Measuring is knowing, guessing is missing, gambling is paying!"


Familiar problems

New customers approach Polaris Growth with these questions or challenges.

"Is my data correct and accurate?"

Correct data analysis

With our data analysis services, we ensure reliable data and advise you so that you can make better decisions.

"I want to get a complete picture of my customer journey."

Monthly reporting

Monthly deep dive to uncover growth opportunities and to bring focus points.

"I want to get better insights from my data."

Turning data into action

Data doesn't say anything. We extract the insights and turn them into a practical action list.

Increase lifetime value

Increase lifetime value with our holistic growth model.

We have been optimizing e-commerce funnels since 2012. The goal: a better experience for the webshop visitor, resulting in higher turnover in your webshop.
Our conversion services are part of our approach to e-commerce growth.

Ecommerce groei holistische aanpak retentie frequentie AOV conversio ratio

About Polaris Growth

E-commerce experts who love working with great brands

We have been helping websites grow since 2012. Conversion optimization and email marketing have always been part of our growth marketing toolkit.

Polaris Growth Team - Conversie en Klaviyo Specialisten


Meet your team

A digital growth agency like no other

Luuk Visser
Luuk Visser
E-mail marketeer
Jass CRO Lead & Team
Jass CRO Lead & Team
Conversion Optimization
Sheng Janssen
Sheng Janssen
CRO UX Specialist
Liduina Aruma Handi-Lovert
Liduina Aruma Handi-Lovert
Virtual Assistant
Omar Lovert
Omar Lovert
CEO & Customer Journey Optimization Expert
Marjolein Ceulen
Marjolein Ceulen
Klaviyo & Growth Engineer
Daniel van Atten
Daniel van Atten
Klaviyo & Growth Engineer
Suzan Juffer
Suzan Juffer
Outbound Marketeer
Vincent Zepeda
Vincent Zepeda
Content Marketeer
Joachim Van Melckebeke
Joachim Van Melckebeke
Klaviyo & Growth Engineer
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Frequently asked questions

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When can you start?

We work with a weekly schedule. We plan a kick-off call and discuss the timelines.

Who will carry out the work?

See our team on the About Us page.

Can I also pay by invoice?

Yes, this is certainly possible. Please contact us or schedule a meeting via Calendly

Can we get in touch first?

Schedule an Introductory meeting via Calendly and we would be happy to explain our working method.e werkwijze graag toe.

Reliable Insights

Better insights from your data?

Are you 100% convinced that the data you currently use is correct and accurate? Do you use this data to make business decisions? In at least 95% of the audits we have done, we encounter serious to severe issues that make the data, the insights and the decisions that follow less reliable.

Collecting reliable customer data

Digitally tracking implemented the right way

Reliable customer data is one of the most valuable assets for the growth of your business. But to make the data valuable, you need to be sure that digital tracking is implemented correctly. That's why we offer consulting in the field of data analysis and make sure you get the data you need and can trust it.

Working with Polaris Growth

What we do

Analytics Audits
We find problems in a staggering 95% of the audits we do. An audit helps us verify if your data is accurate, complete, and free from errors.
Analytics Implementation, configuration and optimization of
From Google Tag Manager to server-side tracking, we ensure a good setup so that you can confidently make business decisions based on it.
Data & Funnel Analysis
Your data holds the key to unlocking growth. We help you ask the right questions, extract actionable insights, and identify the strategies that will drive your business forward.
Visualization & Reporting
From dashboards to monthly reports.This allows you to keep track of how the most important KPIs are performing within your company.
Do you want to get started with Analytics yourself? We help you or your team's Analytics skills to the next level.

The Blend Box

Polaris heeft super werk geleverd en ik ben zeer tevreden. Omar heeft het voornaamste deel van de werkzaamheden uitgevoerd en naast dat hij dat super heeft uitgevoerd, is hij is erg geduldig en dat vind ik een grote plus.

Peggy Timmermans

Founder The Blend Box
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The Blend Box

Klaviyo inrichting voor een nieuwe beauty webwinkel in België.


Klaviyo clients

A selection of the e-commerce brands we have worked for.



Polaris Growth helpt ons enorm bij het vertellen van ons verhaal, goed getarget en op de juiste manier. Daarnaast zijn we enorm tevreden over de geautomatiseerde flows die wij samen met Polaris Growth hebben gebouwd. En natuurlijk mag performance ook niet achterblijven: we hebben de omzet sinds onze investeringen in e-mailmarketing via Polaris Growth enorm zien stijgen.
Kim Bakker
Soft Revolt
Het totale resultaat was wel groei, met name in sales. Daarnaast zag de website er een stuk beter uit en de conversie was verbeterd, ik raad mensen dan ook zeker aan om met jullie samen te werken!
Leanne Jacometti
Wildthings Collectables
Ik zou een samenwerking met Polaris zeker aanraden aan bedrijven die iets in Klaviyo willen opzetten maar de kennis of de tijd niet hebben om het zelf te doen.
Polaris Growth heeft aan het begin gelijk de juiste vragen gesteld over de tone of voice en uitstraling van JOONE Paris. Hierdoor verliep de executie soepel en efficiënt.
Nicolas van Dijk
Country Launcher


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Omar Lovert
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Call us: 020 244 31 81
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Contact Polaris Growth

Omar Lovert
Send me an email
Call us: 020 244 31 81
E-commerce tips?
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