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Founded by Michael Servais, GrubTerra originated from his college apartment basement, where he began experimenting with black soldier fly larvae as a sustainable feed option. His early efforts led to a successful crowdfunding campaign that facilitated the company's growth and expansion into an industrial facility. GrubTerra is notable for its environmentally conscious operations, including upcycling food waste to produce healthy feed and emphasizing no use of preservatives in their products.

De Uitdaging

GrubTerra aimed to grow but were hindered by their website's performance. Since A/B testing was not yet an option, Polaris Growth focused on extensive qualitative and quantitative research. Based on this, we recommended detailed UX improvements to optimize their site.

In our case study on GrubTerra, we began with a heuristic analysis of the website on both desktop and mobile platforms, assessing how effectively it presented key information and engaged users. This involved identifying potential conversion barriers and evaluating the strategic placement of content.

We then analyzed user interactions through Google Analytics, focusing on funnel analysis to identify where potential customers dropped off. This analysis was supplemented with heatmaps and scrollmaps, providing visual insights into user behaviors and preferences on the site.

To ensure our findings were well-rounded, we also conducted user surveys, gathering direct feedback to inform our recommendations. By integrating these diverse data sources, we developed targeted changes aimed at enhancing user experience and increasing conversion rates on GrubTerra's website.

Resultaten volgens onze klant

Old homepage:

New homepage:

Old product page:

Additional missing information:

  • Thumbnails are taking too much space
  • Missing information
  • FAQs.
  • Product shelf life
  • Instructions to preserve the product
  • Shipping and Delivery Info
  • Unlike ‘For Chickens PDP’, there is no nutritional information about the product
  • Crucial information about product perseveration was not highlighted

New product page:



Old cart page:



New cart page:




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