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We build growth machines.

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How much can you grow in 3 months?

See how much you can grow in 3 months with our growth machine system.

Our way of working

Challenges we solve

Over the years we have solved a variety of challenges entrepreneurs face. We can summarise these challenges into 5 groups:

growth strategy

1. lack of structURE

no time for growth

2. lack of focus

too many ideas

3. lack of priority

lack of growth knowledge

4. lack of process

not using data

5. lack of using data

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The root cause?

Our insight is that these challenges are 'bugs' in your business. You do not have a growth system, so these problems keep coming back. Let’s solve these challenges, together.

What our clients say about us

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About Me

MY NAME IS ewoud uphof

In the past 8 years as a growth specialist I’ve developed a toolbox of smart tools, tactics and methods. From experience I know the best approach to growth is taking small steps. With Polaris Growth we use that toolbox to take one small step for your company. Check out my LinkedIn profile.

Ewoud Uphof