Sanoma is media group based in Helsinki and a large media house in the Netherlands.



Sanoma wanted to innovate and experiment and has set up the Sanoma Innovation Lab. There were various start-ups that were being launched. Justus was the only growth hacker in the Lab and Leonard was looking for another growth hacker to support the start-ups with digital marketing and A/B testing.


Ewoud has worked as a growth hacker at the Sanoma Innovation Lab on several projects. Mainly focussed on the project Weekmenu, a collaboration between Unilever and Sanoma.


For the weekmenu project we had high ambitions with a small team of 7 people. Ewoud was responsible for digital marketing and data analysis. With the team, we were able to scale the user base from 0 to 100.000 users in 6 months. This success was noticed within Sanoma and Weekmenu was later (when Ewoud had left) added to Sanoma's cooking/recipe website CookLoveShare.

The results have also led to Sanoma asking Ewoud to execute A/B testing on, their largest digital asset.

Ewoud is a very smart and commercial growth hacker. He has a solid perfomance based background which enables him to also execute on the ideas he has. Another asset is his eagerness to learn and to incorporate what he has learned into his work. During the time we have worked together this enabled Ewoud to really develop his skills in coaching teams in high tempo testing and connecting growth hacking to the overall strategy of the projects.
— Leonard Bukenya - manager Sanoma Innovation Lab


Justus Fokker testimonial
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