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Topics in this article

The following topics are discussed in this article:

  • Lists, Segments, and Profiles
  • Signup forms
  • Email design
  • Sending flows & campaigns

The framework behind Klaviyo

Klaviyo was built based on the idea of a framework. As a result, communication happens at the right time, to the right person, in the right way.


Klaviyo is a profile-based system. For each person in your Klaviyo account, Klaviyo maintains a unified contact record, a collection of notifications related to that contact person.

Part 1: Lists & segments

Lists are used by nearly every email service provider (ESP). These are collections of people's email addresses grouped under an identifiable label. You can add people manually, or people can add themselves by signing up via a form.

What is a segment?

Segments are defined by a set of conditions, rather than a fixed list of people. Segments can grow when people meet conditions and vice versa.

Lists and segments are crucial to ensure that you communicate the right message to the right people at the right time.

Three profile types

There are three different profile types:

  • Active (everyone in Klaviyo who isn't suppressed is, based on these profiles, Klaviyo will be charged)
  • E-mailable (customers who can receive transactional mail traffic but have not necessarily indicated that they want to receive mail traffic for marketing purposes)
  • Suppressed (unsubscribed from emails, bounced or manually suppressed)

With each profile, you can see what status this person has.

Part 2: Signup forms

Signup forms are crucial to any marketing strategy. Facilitating subscription to a newsletter is a very effective way of collecting email addresses. You can use Klaviyo's forms or those of a third party and then send the addresses to Klaviyo.

Make sure signup forms don't ruin the experience. A few tips:

  • Provide a static embedded footer whether header signup
  • Use Modals whether Flyouts - but strategic
  • Registration option at the checkout page after a purchase

Part 3: E-mail design

The design of an email is crucial for a high conversion rate. We have listed a number of tips:

  • Less is more! Keep it organized
  • 1 offer by email
  • Always consider your content strategy, mission, and audience
  • Be mobile including, many emails are opened on a mobile device
  • Make sure you're always A/B testing, try different things

A tip to start with when A/B testing is to send a text-centered email and a text-only email.

Best practices of email design


  • Between 150-300 px
  • Navigation (if required) must include a maximum of 3 links

Body Content

  • The right balance between images and text
  • emails must contain at least 500 text characters to avoid spam filters
  • Include an Alt-Text in the emails (this increases deliverability)

Call To Action (CTA)

  • Use 1 CTA per email
  • CTA is big enough to press with a finger on a mobile device


  • Only include links in the footer that you absolutely want people to click on, for example a fantastic Instagram page that causes a lot of conversion. If the link isn't super interesting, leave it out.

Magic triangle for higher conversion

In addition, pay attention to the 'magic triangle'. The header, navigation and CTA are all within this triangle and ensure a higher conversion.

Part 4: Sending flows & campaigns

Klaviyo flow: what exactly is this?

  • An automated order of messages
  • It is sent based on triggers
  • Can be sent for timely communication or apply to actions taken (or not)

This flow ensures that you can scale yourself and your company enormously.

What makes Klaviyo flows extra personalized?

  • Automated
  • Triggers
  • Timing
  • Dates

Benchmark Klaviyo flows

What does “good” look like for a flow?

That depends on the type of flow:

Type of Flow

Open Ratio

Click-through rate


Revenue per recipient

Welcome Series





Abandoned basket










What is a campaign?

  • A one-time transmission to a predetermined target group of contacts

Best practices van Klaviyo campagnes:

  • Nieuwe of uitgelichte content
  • Vertel verhalen
  • Licht interessante contant uit
  • Promoties / Aankondigingen

Zorg dat mensen zich met je verbinden op een zinvolle manier.

Voordat je begint met verzenden:

  • Creëer een lijst met doelwitten of een dynamisch segment dat je wilt bereiken
  • Creëer templates! Dit scheelt je een hoop tijd bij toekomstige campagnes

Benchmark Klaviyo Campaigns

Hoe ziet “goed” eruit voor een campagne?




Open ratio




Klik ratio




Bounce Ratio




Uitschrijf ratio




Spam klacht ratio




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