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In the last months many Klaviyo customers with (custom) integrations received emails about retirement of the legacy v1/v2 API.

This might have created some panic for some that don't have a clue what an API is or what it does. In essence the API is a way systems can securely pass and share information between each other.

In order to find out if you need to be worried there are a couple of simple steps you can take to find out why you're receiving this message and what to do to make sure your Klaviyo account keeps working. In short - if it's your ecommerce backend that's still using this old API you need to make sure you start working on fixing it.

These are the simple steps you can take to identify which API is causing your issues:

  • Go to integration - click on developer tools (top right) - and scroll down to the bottom and export the API Report.
  • Open this in a spreadsheet (excel of google sheets) and search for everything that starts with V1, V2, Track or Identify in the second column - these are all using the legacy API and need to be upgraded.
  • Now check which API Key Labels are causing this warning. (I hope you did label your API keys when you created them)
  • If you scroll to the right you will see the manuals and documentation on how to migrate to the new API's.

These are the next steps you need to take:

  • If this is an app you're using - you'll need to check with the makers of the APP for them to upgrade their app.
  • If it's a custom integration - check with your developers.
  • If it's a front-end track/identify issue you'll need to update whatever script you have on your site that's sending data to Klaviyo. Mostly these are custom events

--> Check column: If "Is Client-Side API" - is true than it's a front end tracking. Check with your front end developer or GTM specialist to find the script and update it.

Handy documentation to review:

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