These are the partners we recommend if you're looking for support. We are clients ourselves or we have extensive knowledge about their services/products.

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Manage your affiliate growth through one simple control center. Tapfiliate helps businesses and content creators grow together, through affiliate marketing.

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Michael is a pitch consultant and business strategist for startups, corporates and impact investment funds.  Michael is skilled in persuasive communications and has nearly twenty years of experience in the field of digital marketing, strategic communications and public relations. He’s an advisor to the European Space Agency, TED Conferences pitch consultant, blockchain launch expert, and brand partner at the top business school in The Netherlands.



Invest2Start connects (starting and already active) entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors. Entrepreneurs with funding needs can present their pitch to our investors through an open platform, with the goal of 1) to realize the plans of the (starting) entrepreneur; 2) a nice return for the investor.

But why would a (starting) entrepreneur not go to the bank or get funding through crowdfunding? Because investors can provide the entrepreneur with practical advice and often provide access to networks with customers and suppliers. Through the following link, see and hear our story in a minute: