About Polaris Growth

Polaris Growth is a pragmatic growth agency based in Amsterdam and Madrid. We help companies of any size to take small steps in the right direction. From startups with product-market fit to established teams, we work together for the long term.

From our experience we know the best approach to growth is taking small steps. In the past 8 years as a growth specialist I’ve developed a toolbox of smart tools, tactics and methods. With Polaris Growth we use that toolbox to take one small step at a time for your company. Building your company into a growth machine.

Our core values

Our philosophy is based on our 4 core values: honesty, cooperation, growth and performance. These pillars are the core of everything we do. Together they shape who we are and why we do things differently.

Honesty is transparency and basing decisions on real and honest information. Data is honest. Our programs are designed to give you an honest insight into where your business stands. We call it clarity on growth.

Then with a honest perspective, we work together with you to figure out what you need. We understand growth means getting things done. Our philosophy is all about growth through continuous improvement.

Company information

Polaris is a brand name of EJAU B.V.
Registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under registration number 61032026