Over the years we've encountered a lot of challenges entrepreneurs face. We've summarised them into 5 groups:

challenge structure.png



The initiatives and projects your team carries out are not sufficiently aligned with the goals of the business. You have no clarity on the customer journey and your business as a system. You’re moving, yet there is no clear direction. Growth becomes a matter of hit and miss management. You are feeling overwhelmed and lost.

challenge no time.png



Sometimes you can lose focus and have too many projects. Time seems to be limited. “Where do I find the time to work on growth?” The problem is a lack of clarity. If you have an overview of the few things that are actually driving growth you can have laser focus on them.

challenge too many ideas.png



When tactics are not linked to higher company objectives, everything seems important. You have way too many ideas to grow your business. You don't know where to start, so you just begin with the one that looks most promising. Initiatives don't work together and you don't stack your marketing channels.

challenge growth knowledge.png



Your team is lacking experience and knowledge on digital growth. Many ideas, but no real idea of how to actually set up experiments with success. 'What are the possibilities exactly?' 'How do I set up this marketing campaign?' Your team is learning by doing, which means you are losing time and wasting money.

challenge not using data.png



Decisions are made on gut-feeling and based on opinions instead of data. Available data are not used or trusted. Or there is no knowledge regarding how to interpret the data to turn this information into the right actions. You’re hoping something will work, instead of knowing that what the impact is.


Face your challenge:

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