CoverYou Verzekeringen is an online insurance company for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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Coveryou is a label of insurance group QSX Group. QSX has extensive experience and knowledge in the insurance realm, but no experience with digital. The online insurance market is highly competitive. QSX group wanted to enter the digital landscape, but didn't know exactly how.


Ewoud has been a strategic partner to Coveryou and as Head of Growth advised a website re-design to have a better fit with buyer persona's for smartphone insurances. The website on-site SEO and category-structure was changed radically to target the short and long tail for SEO purposes. We then performed a successful PR campaign that was the driver for SEO traffic for the year to come.


Coveryou has been successfully sold to a German insurance company in 2017.

In 2014 we, CoverYou Verzekeringen, asked Ewoud to help us again in promoting our mobile equipment insurance online (Smartphones / Tablets / Notebooks). We had previously worked with Ewoud and a colleague in 2012, which led to good sales results. In 2013, in addition to our off-line sales, we tried to look after our online sales ourselves. However, this led to a drop in sales and evidence that online marketing is a profession in itself.

Ewoud’s taking over of online marketing at the beginning of 2014 led in the second half of that year to recovery of traffic and turnover to the level of the end of 2012 / beginning 2013. This rise continued in 2015 where In the first 8 months the number of sessions increased by a factor of 4.67 compared to the same period in 2014. In the same period there was also a doubling of the number of transactions. With regard to SEO, traffic tripled compared to 2014.

By building on these sales methods we expect a substantial contribution from our online channel to our total turnover. Ewoud’s approach brings us great results and we can therefore wholeheartedly recommend his services to everyone.
— Willem Schuil - co-founder QSX Group


  • Transactions +205,41%

  • Numbers of sessions +467%

  • Numbers of users + 488%

  • Google organic traffic + 307%

  • Managed to get to top 3 positions for all 3 high competition keywords in Google

  • Featured on,,,, and more.

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